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                                  Dedication to Open Headers


Our world, the cb world, is filled with a crazy bunch of people who gather by
their radios (either in their semis or in their homes), and express their
thoughts about anything and everything.  Headers was a leader in this world. 
He would be there for anyone needing help or directions, a kind word or a jovial
poke, it didn't matter.  I'm sure he didn't realize his great value to all of us
and all the drivers who have chatted it up with him, in his typically twangy
southern style, through the years.  We have had many other losses in my 21 years
in the radio business, but none can come close to the loss we have suffered
We all looked up to him as the kind, generous and feisty man he was.  He knew
me, and knew I didn't like advertising on the radio, but he would call for me
anyway, loud and proud, oblivious of what anyone would think or say.  That was
headers. I would write him an email and tell him I heard his kind words and how
it put a smile on my face every time, every day, for as long as i've known him.

World issues really bothered him.  We discussed how we could take care of all
the these things.  He laughed at my polyanna ways, encouraged me, and said he'd
keep me in his prayers.  
He was someone you could talk to about anything - recipes, race cars, flowers,
politics, the stock market....  he was a man I looked forward to hearing on the
radio, and will miss more than I can say here.  
I speak for so many here today, when I say we have suffered such a massive loss.
 we all feel such horrible pain, and wish we could have said more or done more.
When I think of this, I can't help but hear his response, that we should not be
so hard on ourselves.  That was his gentle way.
I have a vision of my sweet headers, sitting around with his sister and family
now.  It is the rest of us who will now suffer your loss.  We will miss you,
remember you, and speak of you always.  I hope you will be listening… and I hope
you have finally found peace. 


 "Hope all is well.  Lost my little sister few weeks ago on her bike.  Another star to look at, at night.  You be good.   YOUR OUTLAW FRIEND AT THE NORTH END 'OPENHEADERS' "

email i received a few weeks before thanksgiving.. november 5, 2009